Domino D320i

A coding and marking solution designed to fit in limited spaces and integrate into a variety of production lines

Domino D320i CO2 Laser Coder

The Domino D320i delivers flexible, high-speed, and high quality CO2 Laser Coding across a variety of applications. See how we helped Yalumba Winery improve reliability and traceability on their bottling and cask production lines with the D320i Laser Coder.

High-quality, permanent traceability codes, at unmatched speeds across a variety of applications.

1,500 characters per second

Smaller than previous models - 20% reduced weight, compact foot-print

20% faster speeds with the same laser power

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If you would like to find out more about the D320i and how it can improve reliability and traceability on your production line, please fill in your details below and one of our team members will be in touch.

Low Total Cost of Ownership: Class-leading ROI

  • Low maintenance - minimise unplanned downtime
  • Uninterrupted production runs
  • No fluid consumables - minimising waste and reducing carbon footprint
  • Automatic temperature-controlled fan for lower energy consumption

i-Tech design: built for easy integration and built to last

  • Standard dust proof rated case
  • IP65 rated option for more protection in washdown environments
  • Compact footprint and  modular design, easy to integrate into varying production environments

Permanent/tamper proof code

  • Clear, durable code that can improve traceability
  • Variety of substrates including glass, PET, film, card, and many more

The D320i CO2 Laser

The D320i CO2 Laser

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